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Production of exhaust systems

Our exhaust systems are made of high quality sheet metal, coated with aluminium. The exhaust systems are manufactured entirely without welding and do not contain mineral wool fillings. Such systems heat up quicker, they do not hold up condensation, which increases their vitality essentially, and what is more, they do not experience any loss on these characteristics through time. To join the silencer with one another we use high quality pipes, which are manufactured in our own pipe production line.All exhaust systems from the company Avtogalant are manufactured according to the demands of the European standard E4.

  • Discharging gasses that are a product of fuel combustion

  • Limiting the transmission of harmful gasses and smoke into the environment

  • Decreasing the transmission of heat

  • Assuring a quieter operation of the vehicle

  • Improving the performance of the engine

    As it is clear from the above mentioned reasons, the exhaust system is the essential element of the vehicle that can contribute to the improvement of engine power, lever and fuel consumption.
Every vehicle needs to be appropriately maintained, one should use suitable fuel, oil and lubricants of good quality in order to be able to influence and improve the vitality of the exhaust system.Some simple suggestions for longer and better operation of your exhaust system:

  • Avoid obstacles, such as pavements or objects on the road ways, that could potentially damage your exhaust system.

  • When changing a tyre, make sure the car jack does not come in contact with the exhaust system.

  • Set out for a longer ride from time to time, so that the moisture from the exhaust system can fully evaporate.

Exhaust systems are made of aluminized sheet metal and have a 30-month guarantee. The guarantee is valid only with a bill.
We can replace the exhaust system on the location of our company every day from Monday to Friday from 7.00 to 17.00 and on Saturdays from 8.00 to 12.00. No previous notice is necessary.zamenjava2
We can manufacture or deliver only the silencer of the exhaust system (the solo silencer) without the linking pipes by agreement.

sololonci1 sololonci2
sololonci3 sololonci4

Catalytic converter is a part of the exhaust system and its main role is to filter the exhaust gasses.We can offer you high quality catalytic converters, both universal and of specific types, for all vehicle brands.

katalizator1 katalizator2
katalizator3 katalizator4

  •  Clamps
catalogue Nr. Regular clamps - diameter (mm) objemke1 objemke4
OBJ38 38
OBJ42 42
OBJ45 45
OBJ48 48
OBJ54 54
OBJ58 58
OBJ63 63
OBJ70 70
OBJ76 76
  • Tapering clamps
catalogue Nr. tapering clamps - diameter (mm) objemke2 objemke3
OBJ57 57
OBJ61 61
OBJ66 66
OBJ69 69
OBJ73 73
OBJ80 80
  • Exhaust flangesprirobnice1prirobnice2Catalogue of flangescan download HERE.

    • Tubes with conekonusi1konusi2konusi3Catalogue of tubes with cone download HERE.

      • Rubber materialguminosilci1guminosilci2guminosilci3Catalogue of rubber material downloaded HERE.

        • Flexible pipes
        catalogue Nr. three-layered flexible pipes gibljivecevi
        13404 Ø 45 x 102 mm
        13406 Ø 45 x 152 mm
        13410 Ø 45 x 254 mm
        20004 Ø 51 x 102 mm
        20006 Ø 51 x 152 mm
        20008 Ø 51 x 203 mm
        21604 Ø 55 x 102 mm
        21606 Ø 55 x 152 mm
        21610 Ø 55 x 254 mm
        21206 Ø 63 x 152 mm
        21208 Ø 63 x 203 mm
        30010G Ø 76 x 254 mm
        40010 Ø 102 x 254 mm
        50000 Ø WV double
        • Graphite seal ring
        catalogue Nr. o-rings tesnilniobrocki
        TES40 Ø 40, škoda
        TES45 Ø 45
        TES50 Ø 50
        TES51 Ø 51
        TES60 Ø 60
        • Flexible joints
        catalogue Nr. flexible joints gibljivispoji1 gibljivispoji2
        0GS450,0 Ø 45
        0GS500,0 Ø 50
        0GS550,0 Ø 55
        • Extension pipe
        catalogue Nr. L = 125 mm catalogue Nr. L = 155 mm reducirke
        V.RE. 12 Ø 40 d = Ø 40 V.RE. 15 Ø 40 d = Ø 40
        V.RE. 12 Ø 42 d = Ø 42 V.RE. 15 Ø 42 d = Ø 42
        V.RE. 12 Ø 45 d = Ø 45 V.RE. 15 Ø 45 d = Ø 45
        V.RE. 12 Ø 48 d = Ø 48 V.RE. 15 Ø 48 d = Ø 48
        V.RE. 12 Ø 50 d = Ø 50 V.RE. 15 Ø 50 d = Ø 50
        V.RE. 12 Ø 55 d = Ø 55 V.RE. 15 Ø 55 d = Ø 55

In addition to the production of standard exhaust systems we also manufacture sports exhaust system and sport tail pipes. These products are united under the brand name JOKRA which is a result of our constant development and several years of experience in the field of sports exhaust systems. We created high quality sport tail pipes which are a combination of high quality materials and attractive sport look.Both the sport exhaust system and sport tail pipe can be manufactured by agreement, in accordance with your demands and wishes.More about JOKRA can be seen here.
For all exhaust systems that are not be found in the catalogue, it is also possible to manufacture them by agreement.